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F jisi 


microcosm 1971 

Simmons college 
boston, massachusetts 



Associate Editor 
Layout Editors 

Photography Editor 
Senior Editor 
Business Manager 
Advertising Manager 

Gail Rakow 

Elizabeth Neale 

Leslie Ballou, 
Elizabeth Messier 

Yudis Bennett 

Leslie Johnston 

Ruth Ginsburg 

Karen Samson 

Virginia Bratton 

Photography by Yudis Bennett, Diane Brody, Judith Co- 
hen, Paula Fabiano, Susan Ferency, Selina French, Ka- 
ren Gutfinski, Sandra Manheimer, Evelyn Noether, Jane 
Wattenberg, Robert Hale and MacLean Studio of Con- 
cord, New Hampshire. 

the community 








j - -' ^m 

k;\ '^tI 

m w 

5 M» 


[ J ^^^Pr^' ' 


^^' ' mm 



W \ if 






A time for setting new patterns 

Presidential Inauguration 








m'" : „Mr 

A Weekend 
with the 


— _ -__ 


BBBHSfs!? - :""'"'': ''J*** 





That you will inform our minds 
and enlighten our ignorance . . . 




m * 





| • — — T ? / 

1 f 1 

F I 

' ; y^v . 

V V v 




^ rvi 

E "I * S tr f f 













-V. •-« f .\ . ' 




Without ignorance 


1 ~^_r V7"~ 
■Kb' 1 lfl B^^H 

1 ' i ^H^ 



there would be no interest in education. 

Honors Convocation 













Ml I 



■ ft. * ■- > 


Kill her Kill her Kill her 

The House of Bernarda Alba 




j i 

■_ , 

■ Im 

k i 


■ ■■ 

H^^^B ^B^fl 

i > tf 

x v ] 


Lgfffl V 

Hr *^H 




^f ^^Hli 



kl ' 

' ^ ■ ■ 4 ^M 




U HI _^H ' 

r«& i m . 

■MB tfuKsffiiMM/:- 

1 1 •■'■ ^R^MSv 

^^^%^^i 1 





the elders 

William J. Holmes President 


Charlotte M. Morocco Dean 

Fredda B. Aaron Associate Dean 


Doris E. Olmstead 

Assistant Professor of Physical Education 

George W. Nitchie Professor of English 


i . 

Peter W. Castle Instructor in Psychology 


Julian L Solinger 

Chairman of the Department of Biology 

WoodrowW. Baldwin 

Chairman of the Department of Business Administration 

William S. Sutton Vice President 


Manfred Klein Professor of German 

Elaine C. Hagopian Associate Professor of Sociology 

Georgia T. Noble Associate Professor of Education 


Stephen R. Deane 

Chairman of the Department of Psychology 

Wylie Sypher 

Chairman of the Department of English 


Thomas J. Wallace 
Associate Professor of Art 

Tilak R. Khanna Audio-Visual Services Librarian 


Carroll F. Miles 

Chairman of the Department of Government 

^ _ 

j n 7 

1 m ' ' *" 

' ■ • • i . ■ 

^V 1 1 9 fl 


' V W:. s ^. : 

Leonard J . Soltzberg Assistant Professor of Chemistry 


Donald W. Thomas 

Assistant Professor of Psychology 

Marilyn W. Tarlow Special Instructor in Design 

James L. V. Newman 
Associate Professor of French 

Marie L Sacks 

Assistant Professor of Biology 


Stephen G. Rudin 
Special Instructor in Physiology 

Teresa S. Carterette Associate Professor of Psychology 

Austin H. Lawrence 

Special Instructor in Sociology 


Maria P. Burnham 

Special Instructor in Biology 


William F. Kahl Provost 

Peter G. Bowers Assistant Professor of Chemistry 


Robert Oppenheim Instructor in Art 

Everett L Turtle 

Associate Professor of Biology 


Roy M. Tollefson 
Professor of Government 

Anne E. Coghlan Professor of Biology 

Charles E. L'Homme Associate Professor of English 


Richard B. Lyman 

Assistant Professor of History 

Alden W. Poole Lecturer on Journalism 


" 1 i ' i ' i ' , ' ! ■ ' r ■ i ' -i ' I ' 

Eva K. Dugger Special Instructor in Foods and Nutrition 

Virginia L Bratton 

Associate Professor of Graphic Arts 

Dorothy F. Williams Professor of Publishing 


Raymond F. Bosworth 

Chairman of the Department of Publication 

Jerry A. Bell 

Chairman of the Department of Chemistry 


J. Garton Needham 

Director of Institutional Studies 

Richard C. Sterne Professor of English 


J. Douglas Perry Assistant Professor of English 

HI ^ BW' ~ : $b 

11 J I* 

■■HI -tfff 

1 •- 




| : '. 'IBc^^o^ 1 

W -If I 

1 - * BB^^l^ 

HH pjjW' :- ^,,-l3 

9 18 

■■ H ■■■« 1 

yii' - p's 

I'll | {;■ a 

1 1 fll H I r 1 
li :; £ ■ H 111: 1 

I'll 1111 


Hi tip;! iflfw IKTIWHm - - 

■W 1 

■J 1 

Leo J. Parente Professor of Accounting and Finance 



the initiates 

Gail Lund Publication 

Mollie Lucas Finance 

Myrna Baron Psychology 

Susan Rodburg Elementary Education 


Arlene Farber Elementary Education 

Linda Rusczek Art History 

Harriet Selkowitz Government 


Susan Bolan Nursing 

Patricia (Liss) Sills Publication 

Claudia Goff Home Economics 


Elizabeth (Clark) Holthaus English /Education 

Karen Kulakowski Elementary Education 

Joan Dessel Publication 


Vivian Roumani French 

H ' * 

Joy (Gabriel) Kubit Nursing 

Charlotte Wills Business Administration 


Alys (Osborn) Hickcox Elementary Education 

Cheryl Doddy Business Administration 

Paula Fabiano Publication 


Karin Hedman Publication 

Katherine Williams Sociology 

Joan Finkelstein Psychology 


Connie (Levinson) Schein Publication 


Frances Lau Mathematics 

Denise Doherty Art History 

Martha Ploetz Elementary Education 

Eunice Pasalides Biology 

Elizabeth McCandless Psychology 


Nancy Teshony English /Education 

Andrea Woods Mathematics 

Valerie Case Elementary Education 

Soheila Family French /Philosophy 

Patricia Weafer 
Business Administration 

Marcia Cohen Sociology 



fl&' :7k:' -\ ^i Fii 

•Ml «**; 

far v : ^E 

r i*'*^% . 


■■ « Ti^ 

■ * » 


■ f : ''' ■ .M* 

■ ^Qffl >:i: jgsi 



%L. 1 

Genelle Grant Psychology 


Elaine Madfis History 

B. Lynne Conroy English 

Donna Kramer Elementary Education 

Joyce Kazarian Nursing 


Deborah Loomis Business Administration 

Kathryn Egan Government 

Carol Victor Sociology 



Linda Landry Nursing 

Marsha Perlmutter Elementary Education 

Joyce Haynes English 


Jean Levine Publication 

Mary Lou (Stavros) Kraemer Physics 

Lisa Petra Nursing 


Kathleen Simington Psychology 

Cynthia Bagwell Sociology 

Reesa Millen French 


Margaret Smith Nursing 

Madeleine Shaw Nursing 


Phyllis Cooke Home Economics 


Michaela Kaminski Finance 

Beverly Desmet Nursing 

*~ f0> V JT ~~ *» *% 


Georgia Metallides Biology 

Laurie Lucas English 

Anne Bryant English /Education 

Charlotte Kershaw Retailing 


Arlene Berger Elementary Education 

Elizabeth White Elementary Education 

Corinne Babcock English 


Evelyn (Rosskamm) Shalom English /Education 

Cynthia Constantino Government 

Susan Baker Publication 


Cora Dennis Elementary Education 

Stacey (Ogens) Bressler Publication 


Leslie Johnston Publication 

Mary Linn Hamilton Nursing 

Joan Stokes American Studies 

Madelyn Dardinski Publication 



it* 1F% 

H^ i 

^nfiiiifufl i 3tsl L 

~£r~i' r^ff 

DV -<r f]S : . 'a^l 

Ir ^^l^-*-- . , "^^25 

Betty Gavrilles History 

Sandra (Wiggin) Pare Elementary Education 

Frances Bellinghieri Elementary Education 


Diane Segal Government 

Kathryn Lindbo Nursing 

Donna Wright Elementary Education 


Cathy McManus Elementary Education 

Marylin Goodman Economics 

Karen Woods History 


Susan Kruger Mathematics 

Amanda Hamilton Sociology 

Eleanor (White) Waal French 


Mary Ann Bruce French /Education 

Sherrie Levy Publication 

Irene Shlager Elementary Education 


ana Stone Psychology 

Judi Maitino Spanish /Education 

Susan Hatton Physical Therapy 


Lauren Feinstein French /Education 

Shirley Murphy Philosophy 

Linda (Mazer) Goldman 
Child Development 


Sara Hutchison Business Administration 

Sharon Combs Psychology 

en Kaner English /Education 


Molly Wibberley Home Economics 

Susan Raskin Math / Economics 

Susan Petkewich Elementary Education 


heryl Weissman French /Education 

Linda (Wells) Cromwell Elementary Education 

uzanne Regan English 


Deborah (Laipson) Payne Math /Education 

Wendi Hayward English/Art 

Robin Dushane Nursing 


Judith Goodman Mathematics 

Cynthia Chausse Home Economics 

Marsha Salett Publication 



Deborah Young Home Economics 

Gail Speirs Elementary Education 

Bertha Chandler English 

Carol Silver Publication 

Vivian Malloy Psychology 



J- '- 

■ J 

St ll 5 





Ann Killilea Soc/o/ogy 

Patricia (Keliher) Barletta Elementary Education 

Judith Waterman Nursing 

Jean Cairns Spanish /French /Education 


Adriane Soltz Psychology 

Wendy Alderman Biology/ Education 

Madeline Wertheimer English /Education 


Claudia Delmonaco Government 

Susan Morrison English 



***** . yt - . , •** >^^p v - 1 




tB ■■ vS3tH^6§-^H^BiB 


oifl^HjwL "mBH^ S 

Deborah (Raymond) Prendergast 


Barbara Blumenthal Psychology 

/lary Ellen Chase Psychology 

Karen Mindess Business Administration 


Judith Cohen English 

Susan Feldman English 


Donna Adams Psychology 

Anita Feins Psychology 

Anita (Gordon) Dranetz Elementary Education 

Frances George Psychology 


Joan Bialek Psychology 

Charlotte Rancourt 

Barbara Finkelstein History 


Sherry Mattson Home Economics 

Elaine Aronson Art History 

Betsy Gandelman Art History 


Susan Liechtenstein Chemistry 

Marcia (Wolfson) Finberg History 

Judith (Lebo) Sokoloff Biology 


Debra Scoler English /Education 

1 9 

Aimee Ball Publication 


Evelyn Noether Publication 


Sandra Manheimer Publication 

Ellen Chambers Elementary Education 


Elizabeth Yeh /Vrt H/story 

Frances Pantano Orthoptics 

Leslie Ballou Publication 

pizabeth Messier Publication 


Wendy Ochsner Psychology 

Jane Wattenberg Art History 

Elaine Stock Mathematics 



: i 


Donna (Loveys) Clare French 

Kathryn Slack Math /Economics 

Susan Samuelson Elementary Education 


Ann Griffin French/ Education 

Patricia Whitley Biology 

Susan Scavo Psychology 


Jean Mattimore English 

Kristine (Saunders) Zuckerman 
Elementary Education 

Nancy Morgan Physical Therapy 


Janice Drescher Spanish 

Randy Aronson Sociology 

Ora Damon English 


Catherine Wills Publication 

Karen Gross Elementary Education 

Karen Wasserman Elementary Education 


Sharon Siegel Mathematics 

Helen Reardon American Studies 

Elizabeth Tobin French 


Joyce Hoffacker Business Administration 

Karen Samson Retailing 

Linda Richardson Nursing 


Maureen Herzberg Physical Therapy 

Linda Lewis French 

Janice Stone Elementary Education 


Sharon Kornblatt Home Economics 

Ann Kadlubkiewicz Economics 

Deborah Matteson Nursing 


Christine Flug Retailing 

Priscilla Gould Mathematics 

Madelyn Dicker Elementary Education 


Arlene Stein Psychology 

Patricia Bonino English 

Bonita Marcus English 


Paula Shinopoulos Psychology 

Nancy Cahners Publication 


Roslyn Watson Government 


wKwM^Blfc*ti&8a!8i&b. -., 

: W J 

ST WP s 

.'' '■. 

jf* '. ?! 


Sharon Keith Economics 


Susan Kupor English/ Education 

Kathryn Kutrubes Sociology 


Roni Bloom Publication 

Linda Mauriello Chemistry 

Susan Treat Home Economics 


Andrea Jacobson English 

Selina French Publication 

Anita Weiner Art History 


Laurie Laba History/ Education 

Nikki Dale Elementary Education 

Lynne Klein English 


Marilyn August French 

Barbara Stone Publication 

Audrey Zavell Elementary Education 


Audrey Rosen Psychology 

Karen Donovan American Studies 


Barbara Ras Art History 

Christine LaPointe Biology 

Katherine Albert Home Economics 

Anne Johnson Philosophy 


Susan Katz Home Economics 

Gail Reitsma Elementary Education 

Regina Byrnes History 


Rachel (Levin) Abramson 
Elementary Education 

Elaine Whalen English 

Deborah Doyle History 


Gail Rakow Publication 

Sandra Weinberg Publication 


Cheryl Rappaport Elementary Education 

%*& (■r-u**^.- *-i 

Margaret Parskey Mathematics 

Ellen Roman Child Development 

Ronni Weiss Sociology 


Eva Koch French 

Paula Hendel Home Economics 

Ann (McLaughlin) Aronson Philosophy 


Claire Fund History 

Mary Ellen Hoist Elementary Education 

llene Weitz Biology 


Margery Bushman Publication 

Barbara Harris Art History 

Donna Moulton Mathematics 


Marianne Santapaul Physics 

Judith Lafley Elementary Education 

Susan Breger Psychology 

Nancy Wlodyka Business Administration 


Susan (Glunts) Polansky 
Spanish /Educa tion 

Ruth Ginsburg Retailing 

Francine Lapan Business Administration 




« • * 

A '■ V 





' * 



■ . 



Susan Hillman Nursing 

Elaine Zetes Art History 

Paula Piro Economics 



Judith (Kusnitz) Goldman 
Elementary Education 

Arlene Goldberg Sociology 


Karen Eisenstat History 

Jessie Bourneuf History 

Yudis Bennett Publication 

Cathleen Turke English 


Mildred Nadler Elementary Education 

Jayne McCarthy English/ Education 

Claudia Joseph Nursing 


Lynn Andrews Nursing 

Barbara Deane Nursing 


Janice Sullivan Business Administration 


Norma (Rousseau) Hill Chemistry 

Joan Galli Biology 

Linda Kaznova Publication 


Lesli Gordon Sociology 


Virginia (Schwartz) Lepow 
Special Education 

Ellen Eisenman Art History 


Nancy Gold 
Elementary Education/ Child Development 

Barbara G. Rothman 
Elementary Education 

Susan (Steinberg) Bahr English 


Alona Harris 

Child Development/ Elementary Education 

Carolyn Brown Sociology 

Glenda (Kupersmith) Weinberg English/ Philosophy 

Susan Patch American Studies 



Abramson, Rachel (Levin), 30 Rich Street, Apt. 30, Maiden, Mass.; Enter- 
tainment Chairman— Junior Welcome, Drama Society, Janus, Hillel; 167 

Adams, Donna; 138 

Albert, Katherine Marie, 9 Boulder Road, Rye, N.Y.; Student Academic 
Advisor, Chairman— Home Economics Liaison Committee, Newman Club 
Council, Liaison Coordinating Council, Secretary— Home Economics Club; 

Albert, Marilynn Louise, 20 Bay State Avenue, Somerville, Mass.; Sailing 
Team, President— Outing Club 

Alderman, Wendy Jane, 26 Brooks Street, Brighton, Mass.; Social Chair- 
man, House Counselor, Technical Editor— Simmons NEWS; 135 

Andrews, Andrea; 112 

Andrews, Lynn S., 79 East Emerson Street, Melrose, Mass.; Freshman 
Council, Sophomore Council, Chairman— Nursing Liaison Committee, May 
Breakfast Committee, Junior Welcome; 179 

Aronson, Ann (McLaughlin), 659 Broad Street, Weymouth, Mass.; Philos- 
ophy Liaison Committee; 170 

Aronson, Elaine, 206 Washington Avenue, Winthrop, Mass.; House Coun- 
selor, Art Liaison Committee, Academy, Co-chairman— Transfer Welcome; 

Aronson, Randy, 25 Gannett Terrace, Sharon, Mass.; 150 

Ashby, Frances Fulton, 3060 16th Street N.W., Washington, D.C.; Student 

August, Marilyn Ann, 46 Harrison Avenue, Northampton, Mass.; Recrea- 
tion Association Representative, Hillel Representative, French Club, Ad- 
vertising and Communications— Father-Daughter Weekend; 163 

Babcock, Corinne, 232 Centre Street, Dorchester, Mass.; Vice President- 
Recreation Association; 116 

Bagwell, Cynthia; 104 

Bahr, Susan (Steinberg), 862 Beacon Street, Apt. 6, Boston, Mass.; 182 

Baker, Susan F., 43 East Border Road, Maiden, Mass.; Friday Night Chair- 
man— Winter Weekend; 117 

Ball, Aimee Lee, Morgan House, Stenton Avenue and Mermaid Lane, 
Philadelphia, Penn.; Senior Editor— Janus, Secretary— Student Govern- 
ment; 143 

Ballou, Leslie Christopher, P.O. Box 582, Camden, Maine; Community 
Advisor, Layout Editor— Microcosm; 145 

Barletta, Patricia (Keliher), 5 Shawnlee Road, Canton, Mass.; 134 

Baron, Myrna Ann, 75 Webster Street, Randolph, Mass.; 105 

Baumann, Carol Ann, 45 Hastings Lane, Rochester, N.Y. 

Bellinghieri, Frances; 120 

Bennett, Yudis Elka, 25 Sumner Street, Swampscott, Mass.; Assistant 
Feature Editor— Simmons NEWS, Photography Editor— Janus, Photo- 
graphy Editor— Microcosm, Course Evaluation Committee, Publicity — 
Hillel; 177 

Berger, Arlene E., 8 Mellon Avenue, West Orange, N.J.; Fire Captain, 
Hostess Committee Chairman— Junior Welcome; 116 

Bialek, Joan Loren, 4828 Langdrum Lane, Chevy Chase, Md.; Bluettes— 
Second Circle, President— Psychology Club; 140 

Bloom, Roni; 160 

Blouin, Nancy Ann, 34 Fraser Place, Hartford, Conn. 

Blu men thai, Barbara; 137 

Bolan, Susan Ruth, 614 LaGrange Street, West Roxbury, Mass.; Hillel; 106 

Bonino, Patricia Louise, 137 South Main Street, Manchester, Conn.; 
House President, English Liaison Committee, Class Social Activities 
Chairman, Sophomore Council; 157 

Boumeuf, Jessie d'Entremont, 143 West Street, Beverly Farms, Mass.; 
President— Student Government; 177 

Breger, Susan, 503 Woodvale Drive, Greensboro, N.C.; Dorm Vice Presi- 
dent, Psychology Liaison Committee; 173 

Bressler, Stacey (Ogens), 867 Poole Avenue, Hazlet, N.J.; Librarian— Glee 
Club, Sophomore Council, Chairman— Publication Liaison Committee, 
Copy Editor— Janus, Drama Society; 118 

Brown, Carolyn Sue, 1110 West Hermine, San Antonio, Texas; Sociology 
Liaison Committee, Philosophy Liaison Committee, Curriculum Com- 
mittee, Philosophy Film; 183 

Bruce, Mary Ann; 124 

Bryant, Anne Lincoln, 76 West Street, Beverly Farms, Mass.; Dorm Treas- 

urer, House Counselor, English Liaison Committee, H-P-F Committee, 
Student Representative— Presidential Selection Committee, Student Rep- 
resentative—Alumnae Executive Board; 115 

Bushman, Margery May, 728 Woodlawn Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio; 172 

Byrnes, Regina; 1 66 

Cahners, Nancy Lynn, 39 Worthington Road, Brookline, Mass.; Recrea- 
tion Association, House Counselor, Co-chairman— Daisy Chain, Publicity 
Chairman— Father-Daughter Weekend, Editor— Handbook, Chairman— 
SCOPE Professor Lecture Series, Chairman— Social Activities; 158 

Cairns, Jean A., 87 Wilson Road, Bedford, Mass.; Student Assistant, 
Honor Board Representative, Publicity Chairman— Father-Daughter Week- 
end; 134 

Case, Valerie, 56 Payson Terrace, Belmont, Mass.; 98 

Chambers, Ellen, 2 Candlewood Road, Ipswich, Mass.; President— Com- 
muter Organization, Junior Welcome; 144 

Chandler, Bertha Adeline, New Gloucester/Maine; 133 

Chase, Mary Ellen, 147 South Main Street, Sharon, Mass.; 137 

Chausse, Cynthia; 131 

Clare, Donna (Loveys), 97 Fayerweather Street, Cambridge, Mass.; 147 

Cohen, Frances Brenda, 380 Humphrey Street, Swampscott, Mass.; EEC! 
T-Group, Big Sister, Hillel 

Cohen, Judith Susan, 14 Plymouth Place, White Plains, N.Y.; Dorm Presi- 
dent, Assistant Fire Captain, Academic Affairs Representative, Assistant 
Editor— Course Evaluations Book, Simmons NEWS, Student Task Force 
on College Governance, Photographer— Microcosm; 138 

Cohen, Marcia; 99 

Coleman, Kathleen Ann, 66 Mobile Home Way, Springfield, Mass.; House 
Counselor, Academic Advisor 

Combs, Sharon Melita, 1719 Shepherd Street N.W., Washington, D.C.; 
House Counselor; Co-chairman, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Functions 
Committee, Field Marshall— Black Student Organization; Co-chairman- 
Psychology Club; Psychology Liaison Committee; Secretary— Sophomore 
Class; Secretary— House Presidents' Council; Student Academic Advisor; 
Junior Welcome; Basketball Team; Big Sister; Watchdog Committee; 127 

Conroy, Barbara Lynne; 1 00 

Constantino, Cynthia Elaine, 16 Salem Street, Lynn, Mass.; Coordinator 
and Treasurer-SCOPE; 117 

Cooke, Phyllis Mansfield, 384 Fairfax Road, Drexel Hill, Penn.; Secre- 
tary—Christian Fellowship, Academy; 113 

Cromwell, Linda (Wells), 120 Deerwood Drive, Nashua, N.H.; Black Stu- 
dent Organization, Committee on Student Participation in Policy Making, 
Watchdog Committee; 129 

Dale, Nikki Constance, 9508 Woodson, Overland Park, Kansas; House 
Counselor; 162 

Damon, Ora Marie, 26 Crescent Avenue, Dorchester, Mass.; Commuter 
Representative, Young Republican Club; 150 

Danforth, Deborah (Thomas), 14 Pilgrim Road, Hingham, Mass. 

Dardinski, Madelyn Joan, 39 Whiting Avenue, Dedham, Mass.; Model U.N. 
Delegate, Sailing Club, French Club, Publicity Committee— Father-Daugh- 
ter Weekend, Janus; 119 

Davis, Jessica Hoffman, 78 Circuit Avenue, Newton Highlands, Mass. 

Davis, Rita Lee, 331 Alexander Avenue, Greensburg, Penn. 

Deane, Barbara; 179 

Delmonaco, Claudia; 136 

Dennis, Cora Louise, P.O. Box 76, Monrovia, Liberia; Dorm Treasurer, 
Black Student Organization; 118 

Desmet, Beverly Ann, 36 William Street, Andover, Mass.; 114 

Dessel, Joan Carrol, 4 Heritage Road, Barrington, R.I.; 108 

Dicker, Madelyn Phyllis, 41 Crowningshield Drive, Paxton, Mass.; Educa- 
tion Liaison Committee; 156 

Doddy, Cheryl Ellen, 1327 Webster Street N.E., Washington, D.C.; Co- 
chairman— Spring Spree, Black Student Organization, Retailing Club, 
Business Administration Liaison Committee; 110 

Doherty, Denise; 97 

Donovan, Karen; 164 

Doyle, Deborah A., 50 St. Theresa Avenue, West Roxbury, Mass.; 167 

Dranetz, Anita (Gordon), 1872 Commonwealth Avenue, Brighton, Mass.; 

House Counselor, Treasurer— Junior Welcome, Psychology Club; 139 

Drescher, Janice Leslie, 120 Ramona Court, New Rochelle, N.Y.; Spanish 
Liaison Committee; 150 

Dushane, Robin; 130 

Egan, Kathryn Louise, New Street, Nantucket, Mass.; Student Assistant; 

Eisenman, Ellen Gene, 167 Willard Road, Brookline, Mass.; Art Chair- 
man— SCOPE, President— Drama Club, Chairman— Art Liaison Committee; 

Eisenstat, Karen Michelle, 498 Hensler Lane, Oradell, N.J.; House Coun- 
selor, Psychology Club; 176 

Fabiano, Paula Elizabeth, 74 Elm Street, Somerville, Mass.; Dorm Social 
Chairman, Big Sister, SCOPE Film Committee, Father-Daughter Weekend 
Committee; 110 

Family, Soheila, 290 Zarin Street, Tehran, Iran; Commuter Represent- 
ative—Student Coordinating Council, Treasurer— President's Council 
Committee, Philosophy Liaison Committee; 98 

Farber, Arlene; 106 

Feins, Anita, 1295 Beech Street, Manchester, N.H.; Freshman Represent- 
ative, House Counselor, Psychology Club, Psychology Liaison Committee, 
Glee Club; 139 

Feinstein, Lauren Heidi, 44 Greenwich Road, Longmeadow, Mass.; Sim- 
mons NEWS, Chamber Ensemble, French Club, President and Vice Presi- 

Feldman, Susan Helen, 7119 Shore Road, Brooklyn, N.Y.; 138 

Finberg, Marcia (Wolfson), 11 Grassy Plain Terrace, Bethel, Conn.; Glee 
Club, Chairman— SCOPE Lectures, Chairman— History Liaison Committee, 
Student Academic Advisor; 142 

Finkelstein, Barbara; 140 

Finkelstein, Joan, 560 Sunderland Road, Teaneck, N.J.; 111 

Fisher, Penelope, 402 Dickman Road, San Antonio, Texas; Dorm Vice 
President, Student Assistant 

Flug, Christine Margaret, 634 Booth Hill Road, Huntington, Conn.; Dorm 
Treasurer, House Counselor, Chairman— Senior-Faculty Sherry Hour, 
Class Representative; 156 

French, Selina; SCOPE, Chamber Ensemble; 161 

Fund, Claire; 171 

Galli, Joan Marie, 477 Demarest Avenue, Oradell, N.J.; House Counselor, 


Chairman— Biology Liaison Committee; 180 

Gandelman, Betsy Jane, 27 Tumblebrook Road, Woodbridge, Conn.; 
House Counselor, SCOPE Art Committee, Chairman— Spring Fair, Second 
Circle, Art History Liaison Committee; 141 

Gavrilles, Betty, 56 Locust Street, Lynnfield, Mass.; Sophomore Class 
Representative, Honor Board, Junior Welcome, International Relations 
Association, History Liaison Committee; 120 

George, Frances; 139 

Ginsburg, Ruth Ann, 37 Forest Park Avenue, Adams, Mass.; Social Chair- 
man and President— Prince Club, Second Vice President— Hillel, Business 
Administration Liaison Committee, Coordinator— Top Ten College Girl 
Contest, Business Manager— Janus, Junior Welcome, Student Academic 
Advisor, Business Manager— Microcosm; 174 

Goff, Claudia Jill, 6157 Ranchito Avenue, Van Nuys, California; Student 
Assistant, President— Home Economics Club, Academic Advisor, Home 
Economics Liaison Committee, Chairman— Junior Welcome; 107 

Gold, Nancy Ruth, 14 McCormick Road, Newport, R.I.; 182 

Goldberg, Arlene Joyce, 127 Mason Terrace, Brookline, Mass.; 176 

Goldman, Judith (Kusnitz), 250 Engamore Lane, Apt. 207, Norwood, 
Mass.; 176 

Goldman, Linda (Mazer), 49 E. Garden Road, Peabody, Mass.; Academic 
Affairs Representative; 126 

Goodman, Judith Hope, 14 Paerdegat 3 Street, Brooklyn, N.Y.; 131 

Goodman, Marylin; 122 

Gordon, Lesli Sheryl, 5731 23rd Parkway, Washington, D.C.; 181 

Gould, Priscilla Ellen, 120 Ledgewood Road, Manchester, N.H.; Junior 
Welcome Committee, Dorm Representative— Hillel; 156 

Grant, Genelle; 99 

Griffin, Ann; 148 

Gross, Karen Linda, 5 Paul Revere Road, Sharon, Mass.; Dance Club; 

Hamilton, Amanda (Houston), 69 Rutland Street, Boston, Mass.; Special 
Scholarship Committee; 123 

Hamilton, Mary Linn, 2507 Woodland Avenue, South Charleston, W.Va.; 
House Counselor, Student Assistant, Honor Board Representative; 119 

Harris, Alona, 18 Clover Place, New Rochelle, N.Y.; Hillel Executive 
Board, Glee Club; 183 

Harris, Barbara; 172 

Hatcher, Carolyn C, 11 Page Road, Bedford, Mass.; Psychology Liaison 

Hatton, Susan Darling, 15 Whiting Road, Wellesley Hills, Mass.; Recrea- 
tion Association, House Counselor, Sailing Team, Sailing Club, Physical 
Therapy Club, Simmons NEWS, Chamber Ensemble, Flutist— May Break- 
fast; 125 

Haynes, Joyce L., 1238 Main Street, Agawam, Mass.; Social Activities 
Chairman; 102 

Hayward, Wendi Waldron, Shore Acres, Cape Elizabeth, Maine; Drama 
Society, Sailing Team; 130 

Hedman, Karin; 111 

Hendel, Paula Leslie, 502 Boulevard, New Milford, N.J.; 170 

Herzberg, Maureen; 154 

Hickcox, Alys (Osborn), 11 Tetlow Street, Boston, Mass.; Glee Club, Fa- 
ther-Daughter Weekend; 110 

Hill, Norma (Rousseau); 180 

Hillman, Susan Joan, 233 Evandale Road, Scarsdale, N.Y.; House Coun- 
selor, Student Assistant; 175 

Hobbs, Madeline M., 74 Tower Road, Hingham, Mass. 

Hoffacker, Joyce Cynthia, 65 Weymouth Street, Providence, R.I.; Dorm 
Sophomore Representative, Father-Daughter Weekend Committee, Co- 
chairman— Daisy Chain, Co-chairman— Old English Sherry Party; 153 

Hoist, Mary Ellen, 104 Pinegrove Road, Bass River, Mass.; Dorm Fresh- 
man Representative, Junior Welcome; 171 

Holthaus, Elizabeth (Clark), 110 Oxford Street, Apt. 1A, Cambridge, 
Mass.; Fire Captain, Community Advisor; 108 

Horn, Judith (Epstein), 36 Central Avenue, Newtonville, Mass. 

Hutchison, Sara; 127 

Jacobson, Andrea Susan, 1913 Sudbury Road N.W., Washington, D.C.; 
Junior Welcome Committee; 161 

Johnson, Anne O., 317 Garfield Road, Concord, Mass.; Glee Club, Drama 
Society, Christian Fellowship, Chairman— Philosophy Liaison Committee; 

Johnston, Leslie Anne, 134 Main Street, Nantucket, Mass.; 118 

Joseph, Claudia; 178 

Kadlubkiewicz, Ann, 78 Clearview Avenue, Somerset, Mass.; 155 


Kaminski, Michaela Marie, Clement Hill Road, Contoocook, N.H.; Dorm 
Treasurer, Social Activities Chairman; 114 

Kaner, Ellen Brenda, 89 Hollingsworth Road, Milton, Mass.; Dorm Treas- 
urer, Education Liaison Committee, Religious Chairman— Hillel, Simmons 
NEWS, Big Sister Chairman— Junior Welcome, Academic Advisor; 127 

Katz, Susan Jane, 31 Marlene Avenue, Brockton, Mass.; Hillel, Big Sister; 

Kazarian, Joyce Lynne, 24 Wheeler Road, North Grafton, Mass.; May Day 
Dance, Junior Welcome; 100 

Kaznova, Linda; 180 

Keith, Sharon Elaine, 7 Indian Hill Road, Winchester, Mass.; Junior Class 
Executive Board, President's Reception, Daisy Chain, Junior Welcome, 
Economics Liaison Committee; 159 

Kershaw, Charlotte Ann, 17 Subway Avenue, Chelmsford, Mass.; Modern 
Dance Club, Prince Retailing Club; 115 

Kerzerian, Barbara Jean, 15 Kensington Road, Arlington, Mass.; Educa- 
tion Liaison Committee, Co-chairman— Sociology Volunteer Program; 107 

Killilea, Ann; 134 

Klein, Lynne Deborah, 11 Locust Street, Great Neck, N.Y.; House Coun- 

selor, President— Drama Society; 162 

Koch, Eva Joyce, 235 Fox Street, Bridgeport, Conn.; Bell Coordinator- 
Evans, Student Assistant; 170 

Kornblatt, Shaynee I., 83-85 Woodhaven Boulevard, Woodhaven, N.Y.; 
Fire Captain, EEC! Coordinating Committee; 155 

Kraemer, Mary Lou (Stavros), Fox Run C-3, 96 Main Street, Foxboro, 
Mass.; Dorm Social Activities Chairman, Treasurer— Drama Society, Chair- 
man—Physics Liaison Committee; 103 

Kramer, Donna Lynn, 25 Hallo Street, Edison, N.J.; 100 

Kruger, Susan, 23 Gertrude Avenue, Lowell, Mass.; Hillel, Secretary- 
Simmons Chapter of American Chemical Society Student Affiliates, Aca- 
demic Advisor, Academy; 123 

Kubit, Joy (Gabriel), 39 Carey Avenue, Watertown, Mass.; Junior Wel- 
come Committee; 109 

Kulakowski, Karen Ann, 72 Fernwood Avenue, Revere, Mass.; Soph- 
omore Council, Junior Welcome Committee; 108 

Kupor, Susan Lynne, 2220 Burnett Street, Brooklyn, N.Y.; Social Activities 
Chairman, Class Vice President, Junior Welcome Committee; 159 

Kutrubes, Kathryn S., 9 Bellevue Hill Road, West Roxbury, Mass.; 159 


Laba, Laurie Ann, 5 Tamarack Drive, Saint Louis, Mo.; Dorm Board, So- 
cial Chairman, Seiler's Representative, Freshman Representative, Treas- 
urer-Freshman Class, Sailing Club, Big Sister, Junior Welcome, Student- 
Faculty Strike Committee, Education Liaison Committee, Course Eval- 
uation Committee, Ticket Chairman— Spring Weekend, Academic Advisor; 

Lafley, Judith Ann, 18 Bridle Path, Lexington, Mass.; Glee Club, Commu- 
ter Organization; 173 

Landry, Linda Anne, 664 Lancaster Street, Berlin, N.H.; Sophomore Class 
Representative, Chairman— May Breakfast, Academy; 102 

Lapan, Francine Jane, 535 East 86 Street, New York, N.Y.; Business Ad- 
ministration Liaison Committee, Social Chairman— Freshman Orientation; 

LaPointe, Christine; 165 

Lau, Frances Kay, 22 Walden Street, Cambridge, Mass.; 112 

Leighton, Elizabeth Ann, 16 Westfield Road, Holyoke, Mass. 

Lepow, Virginia (Schwartz); 181 

Levine, Jean Carol, 35 Royal Way, Manhasset Hills, N.Y.; Chairman— 
SCOPE Film Committee; 103 

Levy, Sherrie Lyn, Claridge House #418, Verona, N.J.; Dorm Social 
Chairman, Junior Class Social Chairman, Chairman— Winter Weekend; 

Lewis, Linda Ann, 4 Lakeview Place, Lynn, Mass.; Big Sister, Academic 
Advisor, Commuter Organization, Academy; 154 

Lewis, Toni Elaine, 167 Harvard Street, Cambridge, Mass. 

Lichtenstein, Susan, 200 West Hillcrest Avenue, Richmond, Va.; 142 

Lindbo, Kathryn Elaine, 223 Ridge Street, Winchester, Mass.; 121 

Loeb, Ellen Ann, 19 Beaufort Avenue, Dover, N.J. 

Loomis, Deborah Anne, 126 Bradley Street, Portland, Maine; Dorm Secre- 
tary, Fire Captain, Sophomore Class President, Student Government, 
Chairman— Business Administration Liaison Committee; 101 

Lucas, Laurie Ellen, 302 Carlton Drive, Syracuse, N.Y.; 115 

Lucas, Mollie Jane, 5400 St. Paul Boulevard, Rochester, N.Y.; 105 

Lund, Gail Alyce, 21 Floyd Street, Everett, Mass.; Janus, Student Affiliates 
of American Chemical Society, Christian Fellowship; 105 

McCandless, Elizabeth; 97 

McCarthy, Jayne Patricia, 734 East Eighth Street, South Boston, Mass.; 
President— Commuter Organization, Student Council, House President's 

Council, Father-Daughter Weekend, Newman Club; 178 

McManus, Cathy; 122 

Madfis, Elaine Roberta, 21 Farmington Road, West Roxbury, Mass.; Din- 
ing Room Council, Vice President— Hillel; 100 

Maitino, Judi Ann, 1889 Grand Boulevard, Schenectady, NY.; Junior Wel- 
come Committee, Academic Advisor, Foreign Language Liaison Com- 
mittee; 125 

Malloy, Vivian Belle, 621A Harrison Avenue (P.O. Box 586) Boston, Mass.; 
House Counselor, Student Advisor, Transfer Welcome Committee; 133 

Manheimer, Sandra, 5151 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, Fla.; Dorm Presi- 
dent, Recreation Association Representative, Photographer— Microcosm, 
Photographer— Simmons NEWS, House Presidents' Council, Chairman- 
Community Advisors' Forum, Student Coordinating Council, President- 
Advisory Council, Hillel, Sailing Club; 144 

Marcus, Bonita Pearl, 23 Lincoln Road, Sharon, Mass.; English Liaison 
Committee Chairman, Chairman— Social Activities, SCOPE Film Manager, 
Simmons Ecology Action, Hillel, Volunteer Action; 157 

Matteson, Deborah May, 27 Evergreen Avenue, Elnora, N.Y.; Academy, 
Academic Advisor, Big Sister; 155 

Mattimore, Jean Ellen, 21 Coolidge Road, Worcester, Mass.; Honor Board 
Representative— Sophomore Class, English Liaison Committee, Co-chair- 
man—Sophomore Luncheon, Simmons NEWS, Academy; 149 

Mattson, Sherry Rae, 3791 Wabeek Road, Bloomfield Hills, Mich.; Glee 
Club, Music Committee Chairman and Co-chairman— SCOPE, Sunday 
Brunch Committee Chairman— Father-Daughter Weekend; 141 

Mauriello, Linda; 160 

Messier, Elizabeth; 145 

Metallides, Georgia, 119 Birch Street, Roslindale, Mass.; 114 

Millen, Reesa Gene, 97 Emeline Street; Providence, R.I.; Dorm Treasurer, 
House Counselor, Foreign Language Liaison Committee; 104 

Mills, Sarah Zarbock, 161 South Street, Jamaica Plain, Mass. 

Mindess, Karen; 137 

Morgan, Nancy; 149 

Morrison, Susan; 136 

Moulton, Donna Jean, 17 Sonnet Lane, Portland, Maine; Fire Captain, 
Dining Room Representative; 172 

Murphy, Shirley, 99 Ellington Street, Dorchester, Mass.; Philosophy Film 
Club, Black Student Organization; 126 


Nadler, Mildred, 7 Burrill Avenue, Lynn, Mass.; 178 

Neale, Elizabeth, 102 Alton Road, Stamford, Conn.; Simmons Socialist 
Women, Editor— Potpourri, Associate Editor— Microcosm 

Noether, Evelyn; 143 

Ochsner, Wendy Marie, 33 Bryon Avenue, Ridgefield, Conn.; Physical 
Therapy Club; 146 

O'Neil, Donna Carr, 2 Shady Hill Square, Cambridge, Mass. 

Pantano, Frances; 145 

Pare, Sandra (Wiggin), 106 Queensbury Street, Apt. 6, Boston, Mass.; So- 
cial Activities Representative, Assistant Fire Captain, Big Sister; 120 

Parskey, Margaret; 169 

Pasalides, Eunice, 97 Oakland Street, Brighton, Mass.; 97 

Patch, Susan; 183 

Payne, Deborah (Laipson), 45 Barnes Avenue, New Haven, Conn.; Hillel; 

Perlmutter, Marsha Ethel, 27 Cross Hill Road, Newton Centre, Mass.; 102 

Petkewich, Susan; 128 

Petra, Lisa Marie, Box 31, Waterville, Maine; Chamber Ensemble, Junior 
Welcome; 103 

Piro, Paula Ann, 29 Kensington Ave, Methuen, Mass.; Junior Represent- 
ative, Simmons NEWS, Co-chairman— Economics Club; 175 

Ploetz, Martha Jean, 85 Holden Wood Road, Concord, Mass.; Dorm Vice 
President, Dorm Board, Newman Club, Junior Welcome, Course Eval- 
uation Booklet; 97 

Polansky, Susan (Glunts), 82 Powell Terrace, Bridgeport, Conn.; Spanish 
Club, Junior Welcome, Academic Advisor, Academic Affairs; 174 

Prendergast, Deborah (Raymond); 136 

Rakow, Gail Elise, 82 Russwin Road, New Britain, Conn.; Fire Captain, 
Student Assistant, Editor— Microcosm, Layout— Potpourri, Production Edi- 
tor—Janus, Copy Editor— Simmons NEWS, Academic Advisor, Junior and 
Transfer Welcome, Big Sister; 168 

Rancourt, Charlotte; 140 

Rappaport, Cheryl Lee, Indian Hill Road, Mt. Kisco, N.Y.; Academic Affairs 
Officer, Student Representative— H-P-F Committee, Chairman— Spring 
Weekend, Glee Club, Music Chairman— SCOPE; 168 

Ras, Barbara, 66 North Street, New Bedford, Mass.; Dorm Social Chair- 
man, House Counselor; 164 

Raskin, Susan Kornman, 419 Ellendale Drive, Nashville, Tenn.; Sailing 
Club, Freshman Council, Coordinator— Freshman Orientation, Advisors' 
Policy and Planning Committee; 128 

Reardon, Helen; 152 

Regan, Suzanne Elizabeth, 71A Whitney Avenue, Portland, Maine; Fresh- 
man Dorm Representative, Modern Dance Club; 129 

Reitsma, Gail Pauline, 72 Cottage Street, Melrose, Mass.; Dorm Secre- 
tary, Fire Captain, Junior Welcome Steering Committee, Academic Advi- 
sor, Education Liaison Committee; 166 

Richardson, Linda Mae, 45 Rutland Street, Dover, N.H.; Assistant Fire 
Captain, Nursing Independent Study Committee, French Club, Glee Club, 
Academy; 153 

Rodburg, Susan Ellen, 2064 Emerson Avenue, Union, N.J.; Student As- 
sistant; 105 

Roman, Ellen J., 8203 Tama Court, Baltimore, Maryland; Academic Advi- 
sor; 169 

Rosen, Audrey Lynne, 11 Kensington Ave, Trenton, N.J.; Chairman— Bush 
Art Exhibit, SCOPE, Psychology Liaison Committee, Academy; 164 

Rothman, Barbara; 182 

Roumani, Vivian Rachel, 661 Washington Street, Brookline, Mass.; Chair- 
man—Foreign Languages Liaison Committee; 109 

Rusczek, Linda Ann, 983 North Farms Road, Wallingford, Conn.; SCOPE, 
Art Liaison Committee; 106 

Salett, Marsha Caren, 17 Cotter Road, Newton, Mass.; 131 

Saltz, Adrianne Beth, 3 Horizon Road, Fort Lee, N.J.; Drama Society 

Samson, Karen Mary, 41 Park Hill Road, Northampton, Mass.; Dining 
Room Council, House Counselor, Secretary— Prince Club, Co-chairman of 
Registration Committee— Father-Daughter Weekend, Transfer Welcome, 
Advertising Manager— Microcosm; 153 

Samuelson, Susan Rhea, Round Hill Road, Greenwich, Conn.; 147 

Santapaul, Marianne; 173 

Scavo, Susan Alberta, 335 Centre Street, Quincy, Mass.; Psychology Liai- 
son Committee, Commuter Representative— Junior Class Council; 148 

Schein, Connie (Levinson), 125 Chiswick Road, Brighton, Mass.; Big Sis- 
ter; 112 

Schwartz, Linda Ann, 10363 Gordon Street, Brighton, Mass. 
Scoler, Debra B., 1333 Main Street, Newington, Conn.; 143 
Segal, Diane; 121 


Selkowitz, Harriet Jean, 9 Westchester Road, Newton, Mass.; Junior Wel- 
come Committee; 106 

Shalom, Evelyn (Rosskamm), 9 West Street, Cambridge, Mass.; Simmons 
Women's Liberation, Simmons Socialist Women Collective, Strike Coordi- 
nating Committee; 117 

Shaw, Madeline Kidder, 128 Prospect Street, Reading, Mass.; House 
Counselor, Community Advisor, Nursing Evaluation Committee; 113 

Shinopoulos, Paula; 158 

Shlager, Irene Ruth, 182 Berkley Street, Waltham, Mass.; Dorm Vice Pres- 
ident, Sophomore Representative, Dining Room Council, Chairman— Jun- 
ior Welcome Food Committee, Big Sister, Academic Advisor; 124 

Siegal, Sharon Raye, 1812 Metzerott Road, Apt. 13, Adelphi, Md.; Treas- 
urer—Junior Class, Co-chairman— Father-Daughter Weekend, Academic 
Advisor, Junior Welcome; 152 

Sills, Patricia (Liss), 214C Halsey Street, Princeton, N.J.; Dorm Social 
Chairman, Junior Welcome, Academic Advisor, Simmons NEWS; 107 

Silver, Carol; 133 

Simington, Kathleen Ann, 634 Bennington Street, East Boston, Mass.; Co- 
chairman— Transfer Welcome, Commuter Organization; 104 

Slack, Kathryn Elaine, 221 Belcoda Drive, Rochester, N.Y.; Junior Wel- 
come; 147 

Smith, Margaret Patricia, Prospect Street, Princeton, Mass.; Dorm Secre- 
tary, Nursing Liaison Committee, SCOPE, Academy; 113 

Sokoloff, Judith (Lebo), 403 Westgate Apts. Cambridge, Mass.; Ecology 
Action, Chairman— Biology Liaison Committee, Chairman— Junior Wel- 
come Dance, Academic Advisor; 142 

Soltz, Adriane; 135 

Sosne, Diane, 165 Birch Drive, Roslyn, N.Y.; Simmons Socialist Women, 
Nursing Liaison Committee, Nursing Curriculum Committee 

Speirs, Gail, Saunders Hollow Road, Old Lyme, Conn.; Dorm Vice Presi- 
dent, Dorm Social Chairman, Sailing Club; 132 

Stein, Arlene, 7 Cole Street, Port Jervis, N.Y.; Junior Representative, 
Dorm Vice President, Psychology Liaison Committee; 157 

Stock, Elaine Hannah, 1131 Downlook Avenue, Pittsburgh, Penn.; Assist- 
ant Fire Captain, Chamber Ensemble, Budget Chairman— Father-Daughter 
Weekend; 146 

Stokes, Joan, 9 Martin's Cove Lane, Hingham, Mass.; Recreation Asso- 
ciation, Booking Agent— Ten Steps Down; 119 

Stone, Barbara: 1 63 

Stone, Diana Brewer, 214 Lowder Street, Dedham, Mass.; 125 

Stone, Janice Ellen, 37 Silver Road, Brockton, Mass.; Psychology Club, 
Co-chairman— Junior Welcome; 155 

Sullivan, Janice; 179 

Teshony, Nancy M., 25 Cottage Place, Trumbull, Conn.; Assistant Fire 
Captain, Student Assistant, Potpourri, Publicity— Junior Welcome, Big Sis- 
ter, Academic Advisor; 98 

Tobin, Elizabeth Ann, 115 Rockaway Avenue, Marblehead, Mass.; House 
Counselor, Publicity Chairman— Father-Daughter Weekend, Academic Af- 
fairs, Sophomore Council, Sophomore Dorm Representative; 152 

Treat, Susan; 160 

Turke, Kathleen Marie, 43 Rustlewood Road, Milton, Mass.; Commuter 
Organization; 177 

Turner, Marguerite Leslie, 615 Read Street, Seekonk, Mass.; House 

Viaux, Michelle Bethune, 15 Norfolk Road, Chestnut Hill, Mass.; Soph- 
omore Dorm Representative, American Studies Liaison Co-chairman, Co- 


chairman— Shea Bill Committee, Co-chairman— Alumnae Night of Strike 

Victor, Carol Ann, 6 Dubiel Drive, Worcester, Mass.; 101 

Virnstein, Alice; 132 

Waal, Eleanor (White), 104 Walpole Street, Norwood, Mass.; French Club, 
Program Director— Commuter Organization; 123 

Waring, Theodora Elkinton, 102 Fresh Pond Parkway, Cambridge, Mass. 

Wasserman, Karen Rena, 37 Cottage Lane, Springfield, N.J.; 151 

Waterman, Judith Elizabeth, Westmoreland, N.H.; House Counselor, Big 
Sister, Curriculum Committee, Academic Advisor; 134 

Watson, Roslyn Marie, 6008 North 20th Street, Philadelphia, Penn.; House 
Counselor, Vice President— Student Government, Chairman— House Presi- 
dents' Council, Black Student Organization, Recruitment Assistant— Ad- 
missions Office; 158 

Wattenberg, Jane Rachel, East Rocks Road, Norwalk, Conn.; Chairman— 
SCOPE Arts Committee, Photography— Microcosm, Creative Facilities 
Committee, Art Liaison Committee; 146 

Weafer, Patricia Louise, 85 Strasser Avenue, Westwood, Mass.; Soph- 
omore and Junior Representative, Junior Welcome; 99 

Weinberg, Glenda (Kupersmith), 98 Orlando Street, Mattapan, Mass.; 
Potpourri; 183 

Weinberg, Sandra Helene, 144-43 78 Avenue, Flushing, N.Y.; Dorm Sec- 
retary, House Counselor, Copy Editor— Janus; 168 

Weiner, Anita S., 229 Bradley Street, Portland, Me.; 161 

Weiss, Ronni Carol, 300 64th Avenue, Apt. 318, St. Petersburg Beach, 
Fla.; Freshman Representative, Second Circle, Moratorium, Outing Club; 

Weissman, Cheryl; 129 

Weitz, llene Ceil, 176-33 80th Drive, Jamaica Estates, N.Y.; House Coun- 
selor, Dining Room Council Representative, Sailing Team, Ecology Action 
Committee, Junior Welcome; 171 

Werlin, Caryn (Honigbaum), 35 Beechcroft Street, Apt. 4, Brighton, Mass.; 
House Counselor, Education Liaison Committee, Simmons NEWS 

Wertheimer, Madeline, 42 Polo Road, Great Neck, N.Y.; House Coun- 
selor, English Liaison Committee; 135 

Whalen, Elaine; 167 

White, Elizabeth; 116 

Whitley, Patricia, 15 Powellton Road, Dorchester, Mass.; Commuter Or- 
ganization, Glee Club, Junior Welcome, Student Advisor, Big Sister; 148 

Wibberley, Molly Maxwell, North Main Street, Stonington, Conn.; Fire 
Captain, House Counselor, Chairman— Home Economics Club, Home 
Economics Liaison Committee; 128 

Williams, Katherine; 111 

Wills, Catherine; 56 Royal Drive, Piscataway, N.J.; Glee Club, Simmons 
NEWS; 151 

Wills, Charlotte Helen, 25 Melch Road, Lynnfield, Mass.; House Coun- 
selor, Dorm Social Activities Chairman, Academic Adviser, Treasurer— In- 
ternational Relations Association, Model United Nations; 109 

Winkler, Wendy (Stephenson), 625 Milton Street, Montreal, Quebec, Ca- 
nada; Glee Club, Simmons Representative— Boston Symphony Orchestra 
Student Conference 

Wlodyka, Nancy Ruthe, 82 Olive Street, Ashland, Mass.; President and 
Vice President, Class of 1971, Secretary— International Relations Club, 
Model United Nations, Co-chairman— Economics Club; 173 

Woods, Andrea Hilma, 266 Willow Street, West Roxbury, Mass.; 98 
Woods, Karen; 122 

Wright, Donna; 121 

Yeh, Elizabeth Zai-Fun, 444 Chatham Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong, B.C.C. 
Art History Liaison Committee, SCOPE Bush Art Committee; 144 

Young, Deborah; 132 
Zavell, Audrey; 163 

Zelin, Constance Laurie, 40 Pineridge Road. White Plains, N.Y. 

Zetes, Elaine; 175 

Zuckerman, Kristine (Saunders), South Freeport, Maine; 149 






Rabbi and Mrs. E. Bennett 

Mr. John W. Bryant 

Dr. Joseph E. Dushane 

Mr. Hy L. Eisenman 

Mr. W. W. Foulkes Jr. 

Mr. Dave Gandelman 

Guard— All Chemical Company, Inc— 

Mr. Seymour Wattenberg 

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Ginsburg 

Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Griffin 

Mr. and Mrs. Lee B. Harris 

Dr. Isadore Herman 

Mr. and Mrs. Manny Hillman 

Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Kaner & Family 

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur B. Leighton 

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence A. Lewis 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Loomis 

Mr. and Mrs. Murray P. Lucas 

Mr. and Mrs. Attilio Maitino 

Dr. and Mrs. Leon H. Manheimer 

Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Mattimore 

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond L. Mattson 

Mr. and Mrs. Max Millen 

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Morgan 

Mary S. Page 

Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Rakow 

Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Regan 

Mrs. Frederick Richardson 

Dr. Paul W. Roman 

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Rosen 

Mrs. Elissa Salett 

Mr. and Mrs. Louis L. Samson 

Mr. and Mrs. Jacques Shaw 

Mr. and Mrs. Hyman Siegel 

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Silverman 

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard I. Smith 

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Stavros 

Dr. and Mrs. A. Stock 

Mr. and Mrs. Frederic B. Viaux 

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Virnstein 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Waterman 

Mr. and Mrs. David F. Whitley 

Mr. and Mrs. Norman Wills 

Dr. Dexter Wolfson 



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MICROCOSM 1971 was published by the Senior 
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